Journey with Wilola: From High-Risk to High Hopes

Welcome to a New Kind of Support with Wilola, The Holistic RN 

Hey there, beautiful souls embarking on the journey of parenthood under unique circumstances. If you’re navigating the waters of a high-risk pregnancy, you’re in the right place. I’m Wilola, your virtual doula here to walk with you every step of the way. From the first flutter of life to the magical moment you hold your baby and beyond, consider me your partner in creating a safe, informed, and loving journey to motherhood.

Starting Strong: Your First Steps with Wilola 

From the moment you decide to bring me into your circle, we’ll dive deep into understanding your unique needs and dreams for your pregnancy and birth. Together, we’ll craft a care plan that respects your wishes, addresses your health complications, and sets the stage for a journey filled with empowerment and holistic care.

Navigating Together: Pregnancy Care Tailored to You 

As your virtual doula, I’ll be your beacon through the sea of information, helping you make sense of medical advice, and ensuring your voice is heard in the chorus of your multidisciplinary care team. My experience as an RN and OB educator means you’ll have not just support but informed advocacy, ensuring trauma-informed, holistic care that wraps you and your baby in strength and serenity.

The Big Day: Bringing Your Baby into the World 

When it’s time to welcome your little one, I’ll be there (virtually) by your side, ensuring the birth plan we’ve crafted is respected and followed as closely as possible. My goal is to make your birth experience one of empowerment, love, and joy, even in the face of the unexpected.

Thriving Together: Postpartum Support for 6 Weeks and Beyond 

The journey doesn’t end with birth; it blossoms. For six weeks postpartum, I’ll be there to support you as you navigate the new waters of parenthood. From breastfeeding support to adjusting to life with your new bundle of joy, I’ll offer guidance, resources, and a listening ear to ensure you and your baby are thriving.

Your Journey, Your Way 

This journey is yours, and my role is to empower, support, and guide you through it with care, compassion, and expertise. With Wilola by your side, you’re not just facing a high-risk pregnancy; you’re embracing a journey filled with hope, strength, and holistic wellness.

Ready to start this beautiful journey together? Let’s connect and make your birth one filled with support, love, and holistic care. Because Strong Bodies make Strong Babies!


What You Will Learn

Let’s explore the incredible power of breath work, energy work, and purposeful movement, all designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world. It’s not just about giving birth; it’s about birthing with intention, strength, and joy. Let’s unlock the magic within you and turn your birth experience into a celebration of life and love.

You Will Go Over...

You To Expect..


Got questions about teaming up with me, Wilola, your virtual doula? I’ve got answers! Let’s dive into some of the most common curiosities you might have about how we can rock this journey together.

Think of me as your pregnancy pal, your birth bestie, and your postpartum supporter, all rolled into one and delivered straight to you via the magic of the internet. I’m here to provide emotional support, share my RN and OB educator wisdom, and advocate for your wishes, all from the comfort of your digital device.

With video calls, texts, and all the tech tools at our disposal, I’ll be right there with you, offering guidance, answering your midnight queries, and cheering you on through every contraction and coo. Plus, I’ll help you navigate the healthcare maze and make sure your voice is heard loud and clear by your care team.

Absolutely! I’m all about teamwork. With my background as an RN and experience in holistic care, I speak their language. I’ll work alongside your healthcare team to ensure your birth plan is front and center, advocating for your wishes and ensuring you receive trauma-informed care.

You’re exactly who I’m here for. My expertise shines in supporting mamas facing unique challenges. I’ll help you understand your care options, provide you with resources, and stand by you (virtually) every step of the way to ensure you and your baby are as healthy and happy as can be.

Let’s talk about it! I offer various packages tailored to different needs and stages of your journey. Reach out, and we’ll find the perfect fit for your budget and your dreams for this beautiful experience.

Just hit me up! Send me a message, and we’ll schedule a chat to get to know each other and discuss your hopes, dreams, and any concerns you have about your pregnancy and birth journey. From there, we’ll map out a plan that feels just right for you.