The Holistic rN

Are you ready to own your choices, get out your own way, and feel good abut the day to day life you lead?

 Let’s make some magic happen and find your unique path to feeling great. It’s time to live boldly, choose wisely, and put in the work to reach your personal happy and healthy.

What's Up at Wilola's?

Welcome to the home of healthy vibes and good energy! I’m Wilola, your holistic RN. I’m here to guide you on a unique health journey that’s actually centered around YOU.

Here, we keep it real and make health fun and easy to understand. I’m all about helping you live your best life, the natural way. Whether you’re looking eat better, move more, or just live life intentionally, I’ve got your back!

Ready to work?

Discover our handpicked workshops, crafted to enlighten, empower, and arm you with the essential tools for your journey to ultimate wellness and happiness!

Birth Work

Education, resources, and support for birthing bodies experiencing and Birth-workers supporting high-risk pregnancy.

Body Work

You get 1 body and there is only one you, so it only makes sense that the road to finding your holistic harmony be uniquely yours too!

Energy Work

No matter how you slice it we are energetic beings. Looking to master your inner power or realign with your purpose? We got you!

Things You Will Learn

Holistic Health & Wellness

How to integrate holistic practices into daily life for overall well-being.

Mindfulness & Mental Wellness

Strategies for managing emotions and achieving balance to gain clarity.

Intentional Living

Own your choices and live life with purpose and intention.

Community Health & Wellness

Empowering communities with knowledge and resources for better health.

consent is bae

  Dive into the heart of empowerment with our “Consent is BAE” campaign, where we champion consent as the cornerstone of all decisions. BAE here stands for “Before Anything Else,” because that’s exactly the place consent deserves – at the forefront of every choice we make.

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